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IMPORTANT NEWS: Dr. Ruth Peters died on August 7, 2010 after a long battle with cancer.

For almost thirty years Dr. Ruth Peters, clinical psychologist, has specialized in treating children, adolescents and families in her private practice in Clearwater, Florida. Her focus has been upon teaching parents how to control difficult children, deal with Attention Deficit Disorder, and handle nutritional, weight and lifestyle issues as well as how to motivate kids to reach their academic potential.

Dr. Peters has repeatedly been featured on most national television news and talk shows during the past fifteen years, and currently serves as a contributor to NBC’s Today show, where she presents monthly segments on a range of parenting issues. She writes a weekly Parenting column for MSNBC’s Today show web site

Dr. Peters with the Today show host Matt Lauer on set.
and all articles can be found by clicking on the MSNBC link in the banner above. Dr. Peters has been repeatedly featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show as well as having served as a contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America.

Along with her varied media responsibilities, Dr. Peters has served as a consultant to various corporations including America On Line, Target Stores, Sylvan Learning Systems, Cingular Wireless, Coldwell Banker and Texas Instruments. She has been interviewed by most of the women’s and parenting magazines and frequently writes articles for Redbook magazine. She has also served as a Contributing Editor to Child magazine, as well as authoring a featured column in the St. Petersburg Times entitled Middle Ground.

Dr. Peters with Today show host Meredith Viera.

Dr. Ruth Peters’ books include Who’s In Charge? A Positive Parenting Approach to Disciplining Children (Lindsay Press), Don’t Be Afraid To Discipline (St. Martin’s Press), It’s Never Too Soon To Discipline (St. Martin’s Press), Overcoming Underachieving: A Simple Plan to Boost Your Kids’ Grades and End the Homework Hassles (Broadway Books), and Laying Down the Law: The 25 Laws of Parenting to Keep Your Kids on Track, Out of Trouble, and (Pretty Much) Under Control (Rodale).

Dr. Ruth Peters travels throughout America and Europe presenting seminars to parents and educators, and has been a frequent speaker at Anthony Robbins’ Results events. She continues to be a popular guest speaker on radio, television and community forums.

For further information: Dr. Peters can be contacted to inquire as to consultancy and speaking engagements. However, due to the individual nature of everyone’s personal situation, she cannot render advice or suggestion beyond what is available in her books and speaking engagements. Personal psychological questions will receive no reply.

Dr. Peters and TI  team up to help students

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Telephone: (727) 797-2512

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